• Why a snowboard surfboard

    Snowboard SurfboardAs a former professional snowboarder, this idea started way back when one day I thought that there should be some way a surfboard should ride like a snowboard, and what it would do for surfing.

    As you probably know, snowboards use the inward radius of the rails to connect with the snow and hold onto the terrain while riding down the mountain. The inward curvature of the rails will make the board accelerate to the right or left on command because the rails are trying to follow an imaginary radius circle.

    That is the same thing I created my new surfboard to do. It will turn to the right or left instantly and will hold on the wave face like a handshake without digging a rail or bottoming out. You have a higher and tighter line and complete stability.

    When I first tested it I couldn’t believe the difference!

    As you know, with a regular surfboard, you don’t want to lean in (into the rails) because a regular surfboard won’t respond, it will just pearl into the water. With this new surfboard you can lean it, when you do lean it it will respond and hold really nicely.

    Click here to find out the funny story behind the two names picked and to vote for the name. My wife and I are having a little difference of opinion :-) .

    Colter Deupree

    Colter Deupree
    Shaping surfboards to fit the rider and the wave.

    Colt Surfboards, LLC

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